Marco Gafarelli Ljdm for Scuderia Ferrari Club Awards Xmas Party 

ph bojidar chkorev

The night of 18th of december 2017 was the day to remember as the “Italian Multi-Cutural Day.”

We have celebrate the Christmas Party Adwards for Scuderia Ferrari Club London, in which the President Michela Sola, and the Secretary Gianni Ferrari has opened the doors of the Official Ferrari Fan Club by Maranello Italy.

A shortcut upon the story of Enzo Ferrari proposed by Gianni to our guests bring the atmosphere in the story of the myth of Enzo Ferrari, the founder of Ferrari Company.

As member of Scuderia Ferrari Club London and as Media Partner Event for the night, I was pleased to have selected some people whose contributed with their own businesses to increase the London Community.

Delighted to have elected Chanise Thompons, Bernice Catterall, and Sarah Pemberton as women to rapresent the female enpowerment businesses in London, the Awards have been due.

About italian businesses, London One Radio and Manitoba Tigella Restaurant, rapresented the young italian and talented businesses in London of our amazing night party, playing an important role for the future of the youngest generations in London, and for proud of Italy in Uk.

I want to tell thank you to all my friends of the Fashion Business Industry in particular Debora J. Kelly to have hold with me the Red Carpet Interviews for our guests for Marco Gafarelli Ljdm

Many thanks to the photographer Bojidar Chkorev friendly called “Theo”, many thanks to have supported Marco Gafarelli Ljdm with your presence.

Many thanks for the Chef Calò, winner of a special adwards about gourmet, for the amazing food provided during the night in the brilliant restaurant Bella Cosa in Canary Wharf area.

Thanks to all the media has supported our events as Londra Sera, the same Radio One London,

All the brilliant winner of the Awards, i’m please to show you inside the following list:

MEDIA AWARD – Philip Baglini,London One Radio’s Editor. To collect the awards was Rosita Pirulli, Young Music Talent Show’s speaker.

NETWORKING AWARD – Sarah Pemberton, Synergie 16’s Managing Director

MODENA IN THE WORLD – Michele Buono, Manitoba Tigella Kitchen Bar Managing Director. To collect the awards was Paolo Piccoli Sales Pr Coordinator

WOMEN & MOTORS –Bernice Catterall, Miss Motors Promoter To collect the awards was Yolanda.

THE DRAKE –Ambro Ianeselli,Dolce Vita Wines’s Founder

RED DREAM –Chanise Thompson,Fabulous Mag’s Managing Director

ENZO FERRARI GOURMET – Antonio Calo’, Bella Cosa Restaurant’s Executive Chef

The event was organized by Ferrari Consultant, Marco Gafarelli Ljdm, Bella Cosa, My Cakes

ph bojidar chkorev