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Marco Gafarelli was born in Liguria (Italy) in 1978.  In the ’90s, as a Karm DJ, dealing with public relations for many important discos in Northern Italy. In France, in Côte d’Azur at, playing as well in his turn as Dj in many localities on the Ligurian Riviera, Tuscany, and the Upper Piemonte Including American bars, pubs, restaurants, discotheques renowned as “Ca’ du Chef” in Menton France, Domina Liguria, Insomnia Ponsacco Pisa. In 2007 he started as a songwriter by taking part in Sanremo Lab and Sanremo 2008-2010, Tour Music Fest, various singing competitions. From 2009 to 2015 she opens Ljdm Events and is responsible for managing all kinds of artists, fashion and photography, with works between Milan and Liguria. At the same time, he is performing as a songwriter from 2013 to 2015 in London, opening fashion events in central London for a Danish Pakistani Danish Wakeel designer, with television and news promotion between Uk and Pakistan, Promotion of Radio Tv with Tropical Fm with performer Katy Ice. He returns to station singing English versions of Sky Uk with his Sylvana music partner in November 2015 taken from his Italian Quantisticamando album presented on Canale Italia in 2014 and the Sanremo events at the festival. He has been managing fashion and entertainment events in Liguria from 2013 to 2015 at the events of the Sanremo Festival at Palafiori. For Gerardo Sacco Oscar Award as an internationally renowned jewellery handkerchief used in great movies of the past, he will be a model for his fashion show in 2014. He develops the page for Ljdm Art and Photo on Facebook.  During the first two years, he has got international publications in New Zealand for Neah Magazine, in America’s New York for Solis Magazine and Promo Magazine.

FurtherPublication across the world, Uk included you can find on this website. He works at the latest club’s active role as an advertising agent and photographer for clients and professionals for fashion events in London. He Founded Marco Gafarelli Ljdm his own Media Company on September 2017; he gets regular access to London Fashion Week since several editions.  He has signed a partnership in Dubai an agency legitimate by Arabian Council to introduce Eu and Uk Fashion Designer to Dubai Fashion Week official



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